Me & Golds 1 Month Anni.

Well today is the mark of my 1 month gym workout anniversary.

After working out today, I put on a pair of my jeans straight from the dryer - that are usually pretty tight. You could see the indention's of the contents of my pockets like you had x-ray vision - but today they were a lot less tight... not baggy... but not as tight. Then I realized that I have lost 11 lbs... that is the most I have lost in the past 3 years of my endless weight loss attempts. Not much but a lot for me and my PCOS. It really excites me and motivates me. Tomorrow I go grocery shopping for fresh veggies and fruit -- If I focus on my diet as strictly as I have been my workouts I know I will see a larger drop... plus feel better.

I hope I see some type of loss either weight or inches Friday.



No change this week... still holding at 275. But the scale at the gym says I am at 277 - so I am going to start going by that one -- it is like the ones used in doctor's offices anyway. I did lose a 1/2 inch on my waist though. ;)



Alrighty! I am down to 275.2! That is pretty exciting! Seeing that type of weight loss really motivates me to keep kicking it! So far this week I have done my hour long cardio workout 3 times. I am gonna try to go tonight -- starting to feel sick - so we will see. I have been watching my calorie intake and carb intake. I have been hovering around 1600 calories a day and 100 carbs a day.

Working out has helped suppress my appetite. I burn roughly 200 calories on the StairMaster in 15 minutes... and boy do I get pissed off at it -- it kicks my ass HARD. While I am on it I think to myself "You know that damn Hershey bar isn't worth this torture!!!!" So it hasn't been hard for me lately to stay away from the bad stuff... but I know Christmas will be a different story... might have to work out 5 times that week.


Sugar, just beat it!

Wednesday I started my hour workout routine. I didn't quite make it to one hour but I was 20 mins from it. It really worked my butt out though... I was so sore on Thursday that I didn't go to the gym. But I did yesterday.

Yesterday my workout consisted of:
- 15 on the treadmill (185 calories)
- 15 on the stairmaster (206 calories)
- 15 on the stationary bike (85 calories)
- 15 on the elliptical (200 calories)

So, my workout burned 676 calories. That is 2.3 Little Debbie Brownies, 6.4 8 oz Coke's, 4.5 Twinkies or 1.82 Taco Bell Bean Burritos.

Gosh, just think it only takes you 5 minutes to eat 4.5 twinkies - but 60 minutes to burn them off! It really proves to me that our bodies were meant to maximize what we eat. But, then again I have a slow metabolism so others could have a different story.

Today I have eaten a bowl of All Bran with a cut up banana, then a Veggie Burger with veggie salad and a Coke Zero. I was doing great then after lunch I went and had half of my daughter's little debbie brownie (145 calories), and three (I hate to admit it but yes) three twinkies.(450 calories) So that one tiny(well, no BIG) mess up costs me 595 calories.. almost my entire workout. But ya know what really pisses me off? Is that when one morsel of sugar hits my lips I go into "Can't Stop" mode! I forget about what I am trying to accomplish, how hard the stairmaster kicks my butt, and how much I LOATHE being fat. Sugar is my biggest enemy ... next to myself.


Gym Madness.

Well, I didn't have a weight loss last week -- but at least it wasn't a gain. All I have been doing lately is going to the gym... and I am loving it! I am a SAHM right now, and going to the gym with my friend is such an escape for me... plus I feel much more energetic because I feel like I am working towards my weight loss goals... not just sitting around wishing they would come true.

For the past week I have just been getting used to the gym and all of the machines. I have been doing the elliptical machine from 15 to 25 mins at a time - then I go and do the arm and leg machines for about 30 mins. I am going to have to bump up my cardio time. The personal trainer told me that if I want to avoid diabetes I have to focus on weight loss via cardio. She told me strength training is important but it won't be as important until I drop some of my weight. I really love the cardio machines at the gym. They tell you based on your weight and age what your target heart rate should be to burn calories... so that settles my heart some because I know I am working out hard enough but not too hard to hurt myself. My new plan is to do the treadmill for 15 mins, then the stairmaster or stationary bike for 15, then the track for 15 and then the elliptical for 15. I figured this way would help me not become so bored and secondly it would help me not dread any one given machine... cause you know being on one machine for 60 minutes just seems like torture to me... but then again maybe I am just a little spastic.

Well, I gotta go get my baby from school -- then I am going the gym again tonight!