Home, Sweet Home.

Alrighty, so I am back... and all I got for it was a cold. Ah, I'm just playing - my family was very ready to see me -- and vice versa! I had a lot of fun, but man was I ready to get back home! Not 24 hours from being home I got a head cold from my kids... and boy does it suck. As you can imagine, I didn't care one bit what I ate on my vacation. I did notice the first few days how horrible I felt... I was really ready to get back on my diet. When I eat right, I find that I feel a lot lighter - when I eat horribly - I feel like a whale! So, I came back 8 pounds heavier. Ah, 8 lbs in 1 week!!! I really know how to pack it on! Oh well, I'm not going to get down - just going to get started. I have made a small goal of losing 20 lbs by Thanksgiving. Plus, I am going to start running again next week (hopefully when this dreadful cold is gone). I want to post to my blog once a week with my results - good or bad! So for now, I'm at 288 with 118 lbs to go! If I can be at my goal by Thanksgiving, I will only have 100 lbs to go.. the lower the better!