2nd Qtr Challenge - here I come!

Hey guys and gals...

For the past six months I have been stuck in the mid to high 50's while doing Weight Watchers. I would constantly push myself and do really well then from exhaustion just not give a crap and gain what I lost back.

So... my Mom called me about some "weight loss" show she was watching on TLC called I Can Make You Thin. I promised her I would watch it but I knew it was going to be nothing of use to me. Well, after watching the 1st show it definitely grabbed my attention. It wasn't your usual "take this magic pill and watch the weight melt away!" scheme. It actually sounded like good grounded common sense. My Mom begged me to go on it with her for at least 1 week - she knew I had been battling myself with Weight Watchers for awhile and didn't want me to give up.

It was really strange the 1st week. It was actually hard for me to tell when I was full! I also had to stop myself from wigging out about - "I gotta eat this - I can't have that.." mentality. But, I found myself having much more control over myself because I didn't have to worry about not being able to have "insert something yummy here". I found myself getting full a lot sooner with a lot less food. And to boot - I was content because I was eating what I actually wanted!

The 1st week I lost close to 5 lbs and my Mom lost 7 lbs! ... and it was WAY too easy! So, fad or not I am giving this method a run. There is no 1 method that is the only right one... something different works for all of us. Maybe this is my solution.. I sure hope so.