- 5 LB ~ 85 To Go

Wow, I didn't realize how much my cycle makes a difference in the scales. I think I will be able to live with it, though... ;)

I set mini goals each week, and each month for my weight loss. It keeps me going, and I don't get overwhelmed with the larger picture. This month my goal was 259 by today... I missed it by 1 lb - I think that is pretty good!

I am sick once again - so I have missed the gym all this week. Really ticks me off because I want to go! I love putting on my iPod and just letting my mind go. It is the one time in my day that I can be alone and think only about myself and what I want to accomplish.

You might wonder why I am always sick... well combination of children and 5,000 + pollen count and you have your answer. Gotta love it!

My hubbie and I got to get away to a Thrashers game last night - I want to get a Jersey to wear to the games but I told myself I am going to wait until next season (October) when I can get into a Large... I want this one.
I am going to get into it too! (Positive thinking works... right?!?)


+2 LB - 90 To Go

Ah... I was doing so well this past month... but I am hoping that my gain is primarily due to my cycle.. lets hope!

I hate my period. About 3 days before its arrival I get so iggy, and I just want to munch & munch! But, really paying attention to my reactions this month has brought some things into light for me. I feel extremely anxious while PMSing. I can't sleep, I worry about everything, and in return I get really irritable. I just feel really stressed in general. But, about 2 days into my period I start to feel normal again, and controlling my snacking is easy again.

About every week I try to write something down, or find a picture that motivates me. I usually keep it in my pocket, in my purse, or better yet on the cookie tin! Last week's motivational message was a reminder that a new mall is opening close to my place in October and I want to go shopping and enjoy every bit of it! This week I found a picture on a L. B. coupon I got in the mail. I really love the picture. She is curvy, normal sized, yet beautiful. That is what I want to achieve. I don't want to be a supermodel, or super thin, I just want to be a beautiful woman.


Weeks Weight Loss: 2 LB - 88 To Go

Oh my gosh!!! I lost 2 lbs this week again! I am so pumped! I can't believe that I now only have 88 lbs to lose... 88 sounds so much better than 113! My brother saw me today and told me he could tell that I am losing weight -- I can't believe I am finally getting somewhere! You fight yourself for so long and now I finally feel as if I am starting to make progress. I am so glad that I have all the ladies and gents in the weight loss world to share it with! I pray that everyone else has as good of results if not better!


Weeks Weight Loss: 2 LB - 90 To Go

Wow, this weeks loss was a real shock to me. I didn't do the greatest with my food choices, but I did stay within my points range. I was expecting to have no change if I was lucky!

So, things have been relatively easy with the points system. I first tried WW back in 2001. I failed miserably, and hated the diet. But, looking back on everything that has happened, I believe I had to endure much more restrictive diets, and failures so I could grow into really wanting to be healthy, and not so much for vanity purposes. Now, don't get me wrong I do look forward to liking my body again, liking my reflection, and liking my image... but now that is just icing on the cake... not the cake itself.


Weeks Weight Loss: 2LB - 92 To Go

Yay! I am so pumped that I lost 2 lbs doing WW! It was amazingly easy for me... just knowing I can have pretty much whatever I want motivates me to move forward just because I don't have to freak about .. "Can I eat that?" "Is that food included on my list?" So, I am one happy chic!

The only obstacle I am facing now is going to the gym. I have to wait on my hubby to get home so I can go.. but more and more he can't make it home in time for me to go before I'm too tired to go. This past week I had to ask my mom to watch the kids so I could go... at least once this past week. My mom doesn't live close by... it can take me up to 45 minutes to get to her place and then I have to drive another 20 to get back to the gym and back to her place then back to my house... yeah, BIG pain. So, I guess I am going to have to start going during the day when my kids are in school - my youngest is in MDO so that only comes twice a week. The only reason I don't go then is because my bestest friend in the whole wide world supports me by going with me after she gets off of work. To give you an idea of why she is the BFITWWW, she goes to school from 9-330 - then work from 5-930 - and then she meets me at the gym at 945 and works out with me until 11pm! That is her schedule Mon - Fri!!! To boot -- she is only 13 lbs overweight... yeah I couldn't do without her!

Alright, my kids are calling... I hope everyone has a wonderful week and happy scales next week!!!