+1 LB, 81 To Go

Ah... well I am on my cycle so I am hoping that is all the gain is...

I did measure myself and I have lost another inch on my waist and 1/2 inch on my hips...

You ever have those days where you get depressed thinking that you are just spinning your wheels? That is how I am feeling today...

Better mood next time...


- 3 LB, 80 To Go!!!

1st Goal Met!

Ah, it is finally here! I have reached my 1st goal!!! This is my all time new lowest :)

I get excited knowing that once I get to 248, I will have lost 40 LBS! That number just sounds really big!

This past week I have worked out a little -- been hectic with the kids going to school and the new puppy - I have been twice this week... I lowered my points by 5 pts to get through my plateau and it seems to have worked! At first it was hard because at night I would go to bed hungry - but now it isn't so bad. It think that is the hardest part - going through the pain of getting your stomach to shrink - cause your body will make you think you are starving!

It has been so hot that I haven't had any problems getting my water in. Too, being hot makes me lose some of my appetite. In the winter I gain two appetites!


-1 LB, 83 To Go

I celebrated my birthday this past weekend and did really well with my cake. The majority of the cake was sent home with me and I had a nice size piece then threw the rest away! Felt pretty nice to be able to get rid of it!

My hormones have been running wild and I have been battling ups and downs and emotional eating. I went to the grocery store and got healthy stuff so I just have to watch how much I eat.

My husband got me a puppy for my birthday and I am pretty excited about being more motivated to be physically active while NOT at the gym. I would love to go on daily walks with her.

School started back for my kids and I am feeling rejuvenated to get healthy! I never fully let go of my healthier lifestyle but I do get in ruts where I forget what I am trying to accomplish and go haywire on sweets! I really beat myself up when I stray from the track but reading others success stories helps remind me that this journey is long and hard and I gotta be steadfast...