-??, ?? To Go

I didn't weigh in this week. I didn't get up in time to go to my Weight Watchers meeting... I was really upset cause going helps me stay focused. This past weekend has been a huge challenge. But, I made a menu for the next week, starting tomorrow, so this week should be a healthy one.

Jamaican Steak, Cauliflower Pasta with portabella mushrooms, Chili Mac, and Honey Grilled Pork Chops are just some of my dinner options. I haven't tried any of these recipes so I will let you guys know how well they taste.

I am hoping for my next weigh in to be as close to 255 as possible... here's to hoping! Be back Thursday!


New Discoveries!

Hey guys,

As you may know I am a huge sugar freak... Well, I have needed to curb my sugar intake but not deny myself sugar - so I went to Wal-Mart and found some really good, small sugar treats that won't kill you on points/calories.

Here they are:

1.) Entenmann's Little Bites 100 Calorie Packs Brownies (2 pts)

I am eating these as I type and they are very chocolaty! If you need chocolate there is a lot of taste in this small serving! 4 stars!

2.) Mrs. Smiths Heavenly 100 Calorie Apple Crisp (2 pts)

These were pretty good. There was more apples than crisp - but I guess that is to be expected when you are only inhaling 100 calories. Next time I think I am going to add this on top of some no sugar added vanilla ice cream! If you like apple pie I would try it.

3.) Keebler Mini Graham Cracker Pie Crusts (3 pts)

I love to get low fat sweetened condensed milk and fresh lemon juice and dump it into a graham cracker crust and refrigerate it. It is very quick, smooth, cold, and tangy. One pie is usually around 55 points and I love it so much most of the time I can't trust my portion sizes when it is residing in my fridge. So, I found these small crusts and I am going to make mini pies and freeze them. When I feel like having one I will throw it into the fridge to thaw and later indulge. This way I can get what I want but not commit a kamikaze. Hopefully, when said and done the minis will be around 8 points each.

4.) Betty Crocker's Warm Delight Minis 150 Calories (3 pts)

I haven't tried this dessert yet, but it looks enticing! I got the Chocolate Molten Cake. I am a sucker for cakes, cupcakes, or any type of pastry. This is quick, and hopefully good and it reminds me of something I would get for dessert dining out. I hope it is good!

5.) Smart Ones Desserts (3 - 4 pts)

I have tried the Chocolate Chip Sundae, and Key Lime Pie. I bought the Strawberry Short Cake but haven't tried it yet. The others are great though! They taste wonderful and put an end to your sugar cravings! The only problem I have is only eating one - but as long as I know I can have one tomorrow too, it is easier.


- 2 lb, 24 To Go

Well, there has to be a God because there is no other way I could have possibly lost weight this week! I ate horribly!

Oh well, I really want to be healthy more that I care about losing weight so - I have been failing miserably.

I can do this -- I know I can -- I just gotta make up my mind.


That fat person in the mirror...

I went to see my trainer this morning. After we were finished she took me to a step aerobics class - she keeps urging more different types of cardio through out the week.

So, I got my bench and started the class... it was quite embarrassing because I didn't know any of the moves and I have no balance what so ever... but I was still okay laughing at myself and giving it my all.

Then it all changed when I looked up and saw myself in the mirror. Who the hell was that fat chick? I was the biggest person in the class and every part of me was jiggling.

At that moment all of my glory from losing 30 lbs was lost. My self image doesn't match at all with the reality of myself. I always think, "Yeah, I'm overweight - but it isn't that bad..." Well, today it hit me - I am that bad. I am huge...and sad. After class I came home and ate 1/2 pie and a large coke.

I'm pretty down.

Even though my mind knows that feeling self pity isn't the right option - it is being a bitch trying to shake it off.

What is it going to take for me to get serious?


- 2 LB, 86 To Go

Well, I actually didn't do so well this week and I still lost.

Yesterday, I ate 4 Weight Watchers desserts in a row totaling 14 points in all! I guess I just can't have lots of desserts on hand until I get a hold of my sugar cravings. I haven't binged liked that in awhile. It just goes to show that your old habits are easy to come by... unfortunately!

And Deb, I do really like Weight Watchers. I love going to the meetings. We all talk about what has been difficult, and how some members have found ways through those times. It is nice to be in a room filled with people who want the same things as you and the fact that you all can relate to one another. It honestly does help me... a lot. I can see my self easily succeeding following the Weight Watchers guidelines. If you have anymore questions just ask me!

Well, my 2 year old and 4 month old puppy are destroying my house so I better go. Be back next week!



Crap, I screwed up.

I completely fell off the band wagon and gained some pounds. In order to not gain everything back, I decided to dish out the money and start attending the Weight Watchers meetings again.

This past Thursday I joined. Fully clothed I weighed in at 263. :(

It is so hard to stay focused. It isn't eating better, or working out that make it difficult to lose weight - its the consistency that you must maintain. You have to maintain the change.

I have to MAINTAIN the CHANGE.

It even sounds hard... Am I the only one out here that is having such a hard time changing?

Please share your thoughts with me! I'm not alone right?!?