Weeks Weight Loss: 0LB - 94 To Go

Kinda not surprised that I didn't lose this week. There were two days that I just binged...and usually I binge on something that is sweet - but this time it was chips, popcorn, pretzels.. all I wanted was salt!

But, I got a hold of myself and went to Weight Watchers this past Thursday. I got on the scale wearing my jeans and a t-shirt and their scale said I was at 270! I was really happy because usually whenever I go anywhere other than my scale I am disappointed with the huge difference. So, I did join Weight Watchers. I am kinda excited and nervous about it. Today is day 2 and it just seems too easy. I felt funny being able to eat pancakes (nutrigrain) in the morning if I want. I am just so used to telling myself that there are foods that I just can't have... but on this plan I choose healthy options first and if I have room I can sneak in some "bad" foods. So, essentially they are not "bad" anymore. Honestly, it does seem like something I could do for the rest of my life. I have no idea if my body is going to react positively due to my insulin resistance... but I have to try or I will never know. This could be the plan that I could see through to the end. Lets pray so right!?



Well, I have been doing Phase 1 of South Beach. I started feeling bad Friday, but I brushed it off to the weather, then again Saturday and it was a lot worse. I was lightheaded, spacey, couldn't concentrate, irritable, and my skin kept flushing, plus heart palpitations. So, I was reading about what could be going on and it is possible that my blood sugar was just way too low. I am on metformin for my P.C.O.S. and it regulates my blood sugar - but I think the combo of my meds and Phase 1 just don't mix.

So... I am back to square one. Plus, I just feel like I am starting to lose weight too fast - Friday I was at 269 and this morning I was at 267... I feel a lot better about losing 1-3 lbs a week because I know it will be a lot easier to keep it off for good. I never get excited when I lose weight quickly because in the past it has always came back to visit.. with some friends.

So, yesterday I was visiting my Mom, and I told her what was happening. She got really mad at me, because she doesn't think low carbin' is good for me due to my high side effects and ever higher failure rate. Her and my aunts just joined Weight Watchers and she was showing me their plans. Their Core Plan is pretty much the South Beach diet. She thinks that WW would be better for me because it is realistic with how I prefer to eat now, except portions and frequency. So, I have been considering joining. My husband got a little aggravated when I told him I wanted to join because I have wasted soooo much money in the past on weight loss attempts. So, I asked him about me joining (I think there is no registration fee right now) and just going monthly to save on money. He seemed okay with that.

I am really tired of reaching for straws.. I just want to find a eating plan that I will stick to. But, I guess I just need to force myself to do it - like I do going to the gym. So, honestly I am going to give this plan some real willpower. I'm gonna go on Thursday.


Weeks Weight Loss: 1 LB - 94 To Go

Wow, it is shocking that I am in the 60's. But, it really makes me happy! I don't want to get too excited because I'm on my period and I know water retention can change everything. So, the true test will be next Friday. I am going to start going to the gym again on Monday. I am feeling a lot better and I can breathe. Plus, I miss it!


Fun Facts

Currently at 270, I am Morbidly Obese.

At 260 I will be Obese. (Last time at this weight: 2004)

At 195 I will be Overweight. (Last time at this weight: 2000)

At 160 I will be Normal. (Last time at this weight: 1998)

I have only weighed 160 once that I can remember. It was 9 years ago and I achieved it by only eating one meal a day. As soon as I starting adding lunch back into my eating habits I was back up to 180. So, since I am going about my weight loss a little more healthy maybe I can achieve it without starving myself.

1 pound is equal to 3,500 calories. I have 95 lbs to lose, which translates to 332,500 calories!!! I can't believe that I have consumed that many calories over what my body actually needs!

What a little piggy I have been! Oink! I think I am done with the "piggy" scene... now I am ready for more of a "kitty" scene... tidy, groomed, and dynamic.

Heart Day. Down 2, 95 To Go.

Happy Valentines to everyone! I actually don't celebrate valentines... I think the day is nothing more than a marketing ploy - I do give my kids some candy, and maybe get my husband a card -but that is about it.. I dunno, I guess I just really don't care about it... but Happy Day to all of you that do care about it!

Anyways, I went to the doctor this past Monday and she told me that my sugar was great (yay!) but my triglycerides are high (Blah!). So, in order for me to see the ripe ole age of 30, I decided I have to get serious about what I put in my mouth.

So today, Valentines I am starting Phase 1 of South Beach again. South Beach works for me, I can stick to it, and most importantly I feel awesome when I follow it. So, I am starting over - as far as eating is concerned.

I promised myself that 2007 would be the year I changed my life. I got really upset thinking that a month and half of the year is gone and I haven't lost as much as I could because I have been lazy. So, I told myself I am doing this - I am not giving up - I may give myself days to splurge - but other than that I am sticking to it!

I did somehow manage to lose 2 lbs this past week. ;)


Wk Weight Loss: 1 LB - 97 To Go

Well, another one down. I am sure I am not going to see a loss this Friday just because I have been sick with a cold and haven't be able to go workout. On top of feeling bad from my cold - I feel horrible for not working out... it really does make me feel better.

Thanks BG for the comments on the cereal. I think you are completely correct - I cut out the cereal and I found that 1) I was less hungry and 2) I didn't crave sugar as much throughout the day. So, I have came to the conclusion that I need to eat something with a significant amount of protein in it for breakfast. But, I don't care for eggs, sausage or bacon... so does anyone have any ideas? I'm sure I am overlooking something that would work. I do love Atkins Carb-Free Shakes - but they are pricey!

I have been thinking about joining the Biggest Loser Club Online. I wouldn't mind some structured help with my diet... but I dunno if I want to pay $20 a month for it...

Well, that is about it -- I will be back hopefully this weekend. Good week to all!