Well, I have been doing Phase 1 of South Beach. I started feeling bad Friday, but I brushed it off to the weather, then again Saturday and it was a lot worse. I was lightheaded, spacey, couldn't concentrate, irritable, and my skin kept flushing, plus heart palpitations. So, I was reading about what could be going on and it is possible that my blood sugar was just way too low. I am on metformin for my P.C.O.S. and it regulates my blood sugar - but I think the combo of my meds and Phase 1 just don't mix.

So... I am back to square one. Plus, I just feel like I am starting to lose weight too fast - Friday I was at 269 and this morning I was at 267... I feel a lot better about losing 1-3 lbs a week because I know it will be a lot easier to keep it off for good. I never get excited when I lose weight quickly because in the past it has always came back to visit.. with some friends.

So, yesterday I was visiting my Mom, and I told her what was happening. She got really mad at me, because she doesn't think low carbin' is good for me due to my high side effects and ever higher failure rate. Her and my aunts just joined Weight Watchers and she was showing me their plans. Their Core Plan is pretty much the South Beach diet. She thinks that WW would be better for me because it is realistic with how I prefer to eat now, except portions and frequency. So, I have been considering joining. My husband got a little aggravated when I told him I wanted to join because I have wasted soooo much money in the past on weight loss attempts. So, I asked him about me joining (I think there is no registration fee right now) and just going monthly to save on money. He seemed okay with that.

I am really tired of reaching for straws.. I just want to find a eating plan that I will stick to. But, I guess I just need to force myself to do it - like I do going to the gym. So, honestly I am going to give this plan some real willpower. I'm gonna go on Thursday.


BG said...

Why not try WW? You have to do and find something that works for you. I did WW for a while but it just wasn't for me. You could always give it a try. You never know, might be a perfect fit.

Best wishes :)