Another Missed WI

This year has gotten off on an unorganized foot, if I may say...

I have been sick this week - fever, sore throat... all the fun stuff!

Recently, I have discovered that when I don't journal my food during the day that I actually eat less. When I am trying to have a "good" day I constantly constrict myself - which leads to me feeling completely worn out and deprived. Then I usually start pushing the envelope with a little "something something" here and a little "something something" there... then I finally bust and I just don't care... I eat all the wrong things and in huge quantities. Then after a day of going completely rogue - I jump back on the wagon and do pretty well.. for awhile. It is a huge pattern that has put a lot of strain on my weight loss... it is the main reason (I think) why I haven't made it through my current plateau yet.

So how do I deal with this? Do I have an outlier day every once in a while? Or is this something that we all experience along the way and just have to buckle down and get through?


Hello '08!

Hey everyone!

Well I am determined to make this year count! Trying to get healthy is one of the hardest things I have ever tackled. But, I know I can do this - and I know I will eventually get there. I am ready to change how I think about my body and the food I feed it. This isn't any longer about vanity - this is about my health and how I feel. Gosh, it has taken me so long to get where I am now - but I am not willing to let that get me down - because I have to have this!

My 20's have been wasted. I have been over weight, self conscious and withdrawn. I don't want to lose another year! I want to enjoy life and have fun - not obsess and cry over how I treat myself. I am worth it! I am a nice, fun person! I used to doubt myself - be very unsure - constantly think about why anyone would ever like me. NO MORE! Being down sucks - I want to climb up top! I want to enjoy being in public, being social, even having sex!

So, I have to realize that it is going to be hard - but it will be worth it. This isn't about willpower - this is about changing how I think about myself.

1. I am worth it.
2. I will have bad days - At times I will get discouraged.
3. I will no longer dwell on what I have done to myself.
4. I will focus on what lies ahead.
5. I will never believe that I can't do this.
6. I will never accept that I can't look hot.
7. Sugar and carbs will no longer be the staple of my diet.
8. In order to change I have to give up things that I think I can't live without.
9. I will workout 4x a week.
10. I will mainly drink water with an occasional diet soda. No fruit juices.
11. I will snack on fresh veggies, fruit, and low fat cheese.
12. NO more fast food for me or my children.
13. When I do eat carbs they must be whole grain.
14. I will stay within my points everyday.
15. I will only weigh in at Weight Watchers. NO more scale obsessing!
16. I will mentally imagine myself in the future everyday.
17. I will be a good example for my children.
18. I will be excited about the journey as well as the destination.
19. I will not compare my weight loss to others.
20. I will not feel sorry for myself anymore.

I can do all of these things. God doesn't give me anything I can't handle - so I better suck it up and tackle it.

My sister-in-law passed on this very cool site to me. A girl who went from 300 to 120 lbs. Fit by Jen She is a great inspiration. She is now healthy and hot! For once in my life I want to be hot! I want to take my own breath away!

And I will. I will!