Weeks Weight Loss: 0LB - 94 To Go

Kinda not surprised that I didn't lose this week. There were two days that I just binged...and usually I binge on something that is sweet - but this time it was chips, popcorn, pretzels.. all I wanted was salt!

But, I got a hold of myself and went to Weight Watchers this past Thursday. I got on the scale wearing my jeans and a t-shirt and their scale said I was at 270! I was really happy because usually whenever I go anywhere other than my scale I am disappointed with the huge difference. So, I did join Weight Watchers. I am kinda excited and nervous about it. Today is day 2 and it just seems too easy. I felt funny being able to eat pancakes (nutrigrain) in the morning if I want. I am just so used to telling myself that there are foods that I just can't have... but on this plan I choose healthy options first and if I have room I can sneak in some "bad" foods. So, essentially they are not "bad" anymore. Honestly, it does seem like something I could do for the rest of my life. I have no idea if my body is going to react positively due to my insulin resistance... but I have to try or I will never know. This could be the plan that I could see through to the end. Lets pray so right!?


I'm Fat said...

I love WW. I enrolled online as well. It helps to be able to track your points online. Being able to "search" for certain food and point value was nice. Plus, it has a weight tracker as well. You might look into it. Great job on joining. It's a great step in the right direction.

Abi said...

Thanks! I am excited to see what results I get at my first weigh in!