- 2 LB, 86 To Go

Well, I actually didn't do so well this week and I still lost.

Yesterday, I ate 4 Weight Watchers desserts in a row totaling 14 points in all! I guess I just can't have lots of desserts on hand until I get a hold of my sugar cravings. I haven't binged liked that in awhile. It just goes to show that your old habits are easy to come by... unfortunately!

And Deb, I do really like Weight Watchers. I love going to the meetings. We all talk about what has been difficult, and how some members have found ways through those times. It is nice to be in a room filled with people who want the same things as you and the fact that you all can relate to one another. It honestly does help me... a lot. I can see my self easily succeeding following the Weight Watchers guidelines. If you have anymore questions just ask me!

Well, my 2 year old and 4 month old puppy are destroying my house so I better go. Be back next week!


Abba said...

Yeah on the loss! I can't wait to weigh in on Monday. I hope I see a loss as well. Great job!