Crap, I screwed up.

I completely fell off the band wagon and gained some pounds. In order to not gain everything back, I decided to dish out the money and start attending the Weight Watchers meetings again.

This past Thursday I joined. Fully clothed I weighed in at 263. :(

It is so hard to stay focused. It isn't eating better, or working out that make it difficult to lose weight - its the consistency that you must maintain. You have to maintain the change.

I have to MAINTAIN the CHANGE.

It even sounds hard... Am I the only one out here that is having such a hard time changing?

Please share your thoughts with me! I'm not alone right?!?


Abba said...

You are so not alone. I have been battling the very same thing. I am so glad you posted. It seems easy to relate to you about certain uphill battles. Perhaps it is the way you write. I can relate.

I haven't decided to join WW yet. I was actually thinking about Overeater's Anonymous, but I am too scared. I have never been through any sort of a "12 step" program. I have some decisions to make, I guess.

Glad you are back! Keep posting!

Abi said...

Thanks so much for posting, Abba.

Deb said...

You are definately not alone but KUDOS to you for getting back in the game before you gain all of your weight back. Good Luck and please blog about how you like weight watchers.

I haven't ever joined but I have been to a few meetings as a guest.