- 3 LB, 80 To Go!!!

1st Goal Met!

Ah, it is finally here! I have reached my 1st goal!!! This is my all time new lowest :)

I get excited knowing that once I get to 248, I will have lost 40 LBS! That number just sounds really big!

This past week I have worked out a little -- been hectic with the kids going to school and the new puppy - I have been twice this week... I lowered my points by 5 pts to get through my plateau and it seems to have worked! At first it was hard because at night I would go to bed hungry - but now it isn't so bad. It think that is the hardest part - going through the pain of getting your stomach to shrink - cause your body will make you think you are starving!

It has been so hot that I haven't had any problems getting my water in. Too, being hot makes me lose some of my appetite. In the winter I gain two appetites!


Abba said...

Go you!!! Congratulations on your loss. You are doing so well. It's been so hot here also. I don't like sweating without working out. I am the same in the winter. Two or three appetites. Summer is kicking my rear though.