- 5 LB ~ 85 To Go

Wow, I didn't realize how much my cycle makes a difference in the scales. I think I will be able to live with it, though... ;)

I set mini goals each week, and each month for my weight loss. It keeps me going, and I don't get overwhelmed with the larger picture. This month my goal was 259 by today... I missed it by 1 lb - I think that is pretty good!

I am sick once again - so I have missed the gym all this week. Really ticks me off because I want to go! I love putting on my iPod and just letting my mind go. It is the one time in my day that I can be alone and think only about myself and what I want to accomplish.

You might wonder why I am always sick... well combination of children and 5,000 + pollen count and you have your answer. Gotta love it!

My hubbie and I got to get away to a Thrashers game last night - I want to get a Jersey to wear to the games but I told myself I am going to wait until next season (October) when I can get into a Large... I want this one.
I am going to get into it too! (Positive thinking works... right?!?)


Christine said...

Haven't stopped by your blog for a long time - thought that I would check in on you. I have let myself slip for a while now and am getting back on the wagon. Looking to keep an eye on your blog - keep up the good work.

Abba said...

Keep up the great job! I have got to get back on track!