Five Favorite Foods

Abba put up her five favorite weaknesses, and I started thinking of my own...

1. Filet Mignon

2. Chocolate Chip Cookies

3. Burritos

4. Coke/Root Beer

5. Cupcakes

I am a huge carb freak. I love bread, sugary cakes... I love cupcakes with filling in the middle... I LOVE dunkin donuts cream filled donuts... I love anything chocolate chip oriented... anything Mexican oriented.

I constantly battle with my addiction with sugar. Sometimes I wish the crap didn't exist. I have thought that it may be due to my insulin resistance as to why I crave it all the time. Since my cells don't absorb insulin, they don't get glucose - so my brain screams for sugar and I go nuts trying to get enough, then finally my body gets its glucose and I crash... It is a HORRIBLE cycle. But, thank God for medicine - because now that I have been consistently taking it for 6 months + my sugar cravings have diminished quite a bit. It is a lot easier to manage my portion sizes.

You know, my husband is starting to notice my weight loss. Since he sees me everyday I knew that when he started to notice my weight loss - I would be making some mad progress. It feels really nice to be actually accomplishing something that I thought was near impossible... but I don't want to jinx myself because I still have a way to go.. and a lot more to learn.


abba said...

I am also a seafood lover. I love it all. Crab, lobster, scallops, clams, mussels, any kind of fish. I am addicted to it. I crave fish on a daily basis. Horrible, isn't it?