Patchey the Pirate Visits!

Argh... this week has been horrible! I am PMSing so bad - I am irritable, and all I want to do it eat mindlessly! I have been munching on cookies, chips, coke... the list could go on. While I am PMSing I feel like I have lost the reins, sturups and I am running wild!

How do you handle it?

When I go for something to munch on I grab some gum and go wild trying to keep myself at bay. It works for a little bit. I figure if smokers can replace smoking with chewing gum then I can replace my munchies with gum chewin'.

When I am PMSing things that usually don't tempt me begin to...I found a left over Dark Chocolate bunny from easter and it tasted so good - I wished it lasted forever!

I would love to hear from anyone about how you compromise with your PMS!!!


Abba said...

Lots and lots of water, with some 100 calorie chocolate wafer snacks to keep the sweet tooth at bay.

honib1 said...

40 calorie sugar frozen fudge bars, rice crackers with some really nice hard cheese. That usually helps me...

Abi said...

Thanks -- I went out and got me some chocolate rice cakes and fudge bars!