0 LB, 85 To Go

Ah, well I haven't been the best angel this week, so I can't blame anyone but myself. There were some days this week that I didn't get any veggies in... yes, I know it is horrible!

Oh, well today is a start of a new week - and I am going to do much better!

Tonight, my husbands family is coming over for dinner. They want a meatless pasta dish for Lent and they are bringing something chocolate oriented for dessert. I am thinking of making myself some angel food cake that I can have for dessert that won't be so high in points.

I just hate eating something different than everyone else.. everyone always asks you why you aren't eating their food... "You don't like it?", "You're on a diet?" Then I have to explain everything to them... and I hate it -- they all are skinny and don't think twice about their weight much less what they eat... I am the only fat one in the bunch and I hate getting attention for it.

We are all going to the beach in September for a family trip. I really hope that by then I will have made a lot more progress so I won't feel so out of place in my bathing suit. Mostly, I want my good eating habits to be much more of a habit so their dining won't be hard to resist.


honib1 said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BOY I so know what you mean.. but guess what when the family comes over for dinner.. You do not have to tell them a thing or explain yourself.. if anything is said about your dessert CHOICE say... I was just in the mood for angel food cake. ( I wish I knew how to make it personally .. I dont). The only person you owe anything to is yourself.. When you are doing what works for you.. I bet you feel great.. that applies even when you are in situation where the food is not really in your control.. We can only control what we put in our mouths.. No explanations needed.. Keep going .. and good luck

honib1 said...

Abi thanks so much for your response to my post on my blog.. great ideas .. and I so appreciate it... so much..

Abi said...

No prob!

Abba said...

I know what you are going through. But once you make the decision to eat your choices, the family won't be buggin' so much. They will soon understand and the questions will die down. Stick to your guns. A little bit of the chocolate dessert with a slice of angel food cake won't kill you. Just eat less at dinner.