I'm alive!

... and still fat!


Listen guys - I dunno who, or how many people read this but I am taking it all off! NO more sugar coating or beating around the bush. I am tired of being a fat-ass and if I don't do something about it in 2008 - it just isn't gonna get done!

I have been lazy. I have been avoiding change. Losing weight is gonna suck. Telling myself NO is gonna suck - working out isn't always gonna be fun! I am so prideful that I have kept myself from fighting the fight to dodge a chance of failure.

Lets cut the crap. If I want to be thin - I'm gonna have to make some big ass sacrifices.

So, lets friggin' do it already!


Krystle said...

My thoughts too, good for you!! 2008 is going to be a great one!

Abba said...

You are so motivating! I love stopping by!

celtic_girl said...

Amen sister, I feel exactly the same way - I have had enough, I am ordering my fat to GO!

Anonymous said...

I tried to read through all your posts, but I'm at work, so...

I didn't see much mention of treatment for your PCOS, so I wanted to tell you what is working for me.

I saw a nutritionist, who gave me a glucose meter and instructions to start by testing before and after meals, and aiming for 45g of carbs per meal. When I saw the impact on my blood sugar, it helped me tweak the diet that would control my glucose and therefore, help with my PCOS.

I also take Diane-35. It isn't sold in the U.S., but you can order it online at a reasonable cost and it has done wonders for regulating my hormones.

I was diagnosed about 18 months later than I had to be because my doctor (who was even a woman!) gave me the ol' "eat less, exercise more" line because she was too ignorant to recognize PCOS.