Another Missed WI

This year has gotten off on an unorganized foot, if I may say...

I have been sick this week - fever, sore throat... all the fun stuff!

Recently, I have discovered that when I don't journal my food during the day that I actually eat less. When I am trying to have a "good" day I constantly constrict myself - which leads to me feeling completely worn out and deprived. Then I usually start pushing the envelope with a little "something something" here and a little "something something" there... then I finally bust and I just don't care... I eat all the wrong things and in huge quantities. Then after a day of going completely rogue - I jump back on the wagon and do pretty well.. for awhile. It is a huge pattern that has put a lot of strain on my weight loss... it is the main reason (I think) why I haven't made it through my current plateau yet.

So how do I deal with this? Do I have an outlier day every once in a while? Or is this something that we all experience along the way and just have to buckle down and get through?


Deb said...

You could try varying your calories like the wendy plan or like carb cycling where you have a few lower days and a few higher days.

Personally, I can't stick to a plan for nothing this year. Im not sure why but it is driving me batty. Are you fighting the same thing?

Abi said...

100%! I am beginning to think that I just need to take it 1 meal at a time... I am trying so hard to keep myself focused that I am driving myself crazy! I need to quit wiggin' out about every thing I eat! I literally need a chill pill! :)

Krystle said...

You know, I've been going through that exactly issue myself lately. I'm hitting a plateau because 1.) I'm not as focused as I was when I first started; 2.) If I don't journal, I eat everything wrong or not enough at all; and 3.) We think we are doing so well with 'not eating' very much, when really we are causing MORE harm.

It's so hard, but it's part of a cycle. Some people are very lucky and never have to go through anything like this, and can just bust right through their weight loss without any glitches, but... there are some of us who need continuous reminders of how to keep going and how to stay focused. How to not give up is about the hardest thing to do.

I've found taking it 1 day at a time. Not thinking about yesterday, not thinking about tomorrow... but thinking about today, because if I do good today, that's all I have to focus on. I don't have to worry about WI, I don't have to worry about making up for being wrong the day before, and I don't have the mind set of "Okay, I can have this blizzard or cookie tonight, and I promise I'll make up for it tomorrow." That's the worst mind set of them all, and though I DO have days like that sometimes, I try my very hardest to take this WI day to day, not days to days or weeks to weeks. I keep the goal in mind and know that every day I do good, the closer I get to my goal.

It's hard, but if we want it that bad, we can do it! :)

Sorry for the book!

Abi said...

No, thank you for your book! I was actually thinking this to myself last night. I need to start thinking of it as one good choice at a time - because that is what life is really about - not one day or week but one choice. It is hard to remember that EVERY choice counts towards your goal or some steps backwards. My body doesn't know the difference between the days - it only knows what I feed it the majority of the time... I have to start thinking on an entire different level. Thank you for your comment - it really boosted me!

Deb said...

Hope that you found your groove!