+4, 84 LB To Go

Hey guys....

Well, I have been on vacation for the past 2 weeks. It has been fun but I am ready to get back into my old routine!

The first week my husband and I went to Seattle. Man, what a beautiful city! We enjoyed it so much that we have been playing with the idea of relocating there... but that is another story. While we were there we walked everywhere and we were so busy doing things that eating was sparse. So, I actually ended up losing a pound that week without even trying.

But last week we went to the beach with my husband's family... that week was horrible with a capital H!! I ate sooooo badly, and I only did some type of physical fitness 1 day out of 7! So, I deserve the 4 lb gain.

I asked my husband when he thought I would be able to be in a situation when everyone around me is eating horribly and I will still be strong enough to make good food choices....? I was trying so hard to pump myself up about this trip .... I was going to eat right regardless of what was in the fridge ... I had even brought some healthy snacks .... but when I was there I fell into temptation and ate like the rest of the skinny folk....

That is going to be a day to remember.. when I don't follow the band wagon.

I hope everyone is having a good summer -- gonna go read up on every one's news -- thanks for checking up on me Abba!