Truth be told...

I suck at this!

I stuck to eating consciously for 1 week and lost 5 lbs... you would think that would motive me to do better ... right??? Yeah, not the case - I start slacking off and get too comfortable and my weight starts to rise right back up. It's the same old story... but one thing I am doing this time is I am not giving up. No matter how horrible I do - I refuse to stop - I am going to achieve this even if it takes me 10 years!

I told my personal trainer that I quit going to my Weight Watchers meetings. She said, "If you are not going to be accountable to Weight Watchers anymore - I guess you are going to have to be accountable to me - YOU ARE GOING to e-mail me every night with what you ate during the day." Ouch! Talk about not being able to dodge a bullet! I don't like being held accountable... it means I have to do what I "want" to do... but what I "want" to do hurts! But, the person inside my head keeps telling me that if I want to change I am going to have to face the demons I have been ignoring. Who wants to do that?

Well, I guess I do.

If I want to be the person I muse then I am going to have to get uncomfortable... tantrum and all.


MaryFran said...

I do the same thing. I have a fantastic week of losing, get complacent and then gain. Super frustrating because I KNOW better!

Spider63 said...

Wow you are doing great, 1/3 of the journey is done. Just remember that this is for the rest of your life, not just a few months!!

CactusFreek said...

I'm with maryfran, but i'm doing my best to change my thinking coz only i can do that.

Good on your gym instructer for stepping up [if you'll excuse the pun lol] thats awesome of her! The instructers at my gym couldn't give a toss!

Diana's Body Journey said...

I do the same thing too. It's hard when you think of what you're giving up and you see everyone else eating "normal". I try to tell myself that I deserve to be healthy, not to eat french fries and be fat. It helps...most of the time.

It's good that you have people like the trainer in your life that will help you like that. I think I need to do that with people in mine to keep me on track too.

Spider63 said...

It is June, time for an update!!