Here come the mountains after the plains..

Well, I have been sitting still here at 251 for awhile. Even though, in the world of my weight loss things have been boring my eating has not! I have been eating whatever I want whenever and I haven't gained - thankfully!

But... (here comes the catch) my trainer is not satisfied! So, she has made a menu that she wants me to eat for 11 days. She wants to "jump-start" my eating habits. Sadly, to say she is more determined about my weight loss efforts than I am. Don't get me wrong - it is something I am ALWAYS concerned about - but I fizzle out from time to time. Sometimes, pushing the rock up the mountain gets old and you gotta stop - shift and get your bearings straight to get going again.

The diet is mostly protein, veggies, and fruit. From time to time she throws in some carbs - but not many. She has looked at my food journal and fussed at me because I am not eating a third of my protein requirements and eating too many carbs. Ah, what can I say? I am addicted to carbs.

So, on one hand I am excited and another I am scared. I am excited because maybe I can get through this and get going again - possibly make it to my half way point before the end of the year.. Then I am fearful - what if I go through sugar withdrawal and just can't handle it? What if it hurts too bad?!?!

Yes, I am a weenie.

Well, I will be back this week a lot - bitching and moaning about how I have to eat what's good for me :) I start tomorrow - wish this weenie some strength!