Well, my goal for my first week was a loss of 2 lbs, and I got a 3 lb loss even with Thanksgiving. That is pretty good ;)

Yesterday, I let myself have whatever I wanted -- and there was tons of carbs! I weighed myself yesterday before eating and the scale said 276.0 - then I weighed myself just now and it says 280.0! Is that even possible? A 4 lb gain in 1 day!? Does this happen to other dieters when they take a break? Or, is this just me and there is something wrong with my body? Yesterday, I didn't eat great at all - but I wasn't expecting a 4 lb gain... I was thinking more or less 2 lb. Well, I am not going to let it get me down - I did still reach my weekly goal, which is good.

Well, Wednesday my girlfriend and I joined the gym. I got a 6 month membership. I wanted to get a 3 month but they wanted me to pay in full instead of installments -- just couldn't do that at this time of year -- so 6 months it is. Anyways, I am excited about the gym - they have a ton of stuff to do -- even water aerobic classes. And, what is really funny is that my end date lands on my sons graduation from Kindergarten. That is an event that I was looking forward to go to a lot lighter - so that motivates me even more. Also, I go next week and a personal trainer evaluates me and gives me a workout plan to follow for 12 weeks and then we meet up again to see my results and change my workout regime. At the end of 12 weeks I will be going on that cruise with my husband .. so I don't lack any motivating events for the future! I am pretty excited though -- I am ready to be active and know that I am doing all that I can. Plus, it gives me something to do for myself and a chance to get out of the house. Being a SAHM can give ya a little cabin fever from time to time.

Oh, yeah I was offered a job and I was supposed to start on the 27th but... I had to do a drug test. I went and did a drug test but the doctors office rejected my sample because: 1) it wasn't 45 ml - it was 40 ml 2) it wasn't hot enough AKA they didn't believe it was my piss. So, they wanted me to wait another 1 - 1 1/2 hour to do another test and I couldn't (I had already been there for an hour and half) I had my children with me - I couldn't find anyone to watch them for me. So, I had to leave and they faxed a letter to my future employer that said I rejected a drug test... which I didn't - I did the friggin' thing. So, I called my company told the HR lady what happened - told her I would take 5 more if they needed me to - but that wasn't good enough - they told me "No job for you!". So, I am back at square one again. I was really bummed out at first - but now I know it was for the best, God knew I didn't need to be there and thankfully he shut the door before I could walk through it.

But, ya know I don't agree with employment drug testing or physicals. My aunt had a physical for a job and the doctor wrote down that she MAY have carpal tunnel syndrome in the future and they denied her the job because she would have to do some typing. The woman is healthy as a buck. I think that is hardcore discrimination. But legally it isn't because "it may affect her job performance." My husband doesn't agree with me... but I think it is a really bad practice that is going to lead to worse things. I mean what if your drug test came back false positive? How could you prove your innocence? You couldn't. I offered to take a million more drug tests and they told me that waiting until the next morning would give me time to get "the drugs" out of my system. (Yes, they talked to me like I was a junkie!) Secondly, if your pee isn't yellow enough they won't accept your sample. Well I drink so much water that my pee is hardly ever yellow! That doesn't mean I am doing drugs! I am trying to be healthy for crying out loud! To me when a company does pre-employment drug testing or random testing - 1) it says that your employer doesn't trust you, 2) it is the same as the police searching your home for narcotics with out any reason -- "Well, we have no reason to suspect that you may have drugs in your home - but we are going to search your place anyway - this is just our way of protecting ourselves.. AND INVADING YOUR RIGHT TO PRIVACY! Yes, you can keep your right to privacy and not take the test -- but then you lose the job. Well, I could rant on this forever -- but I seriously doubt anything is ever going to change - my faith in this government is fading rapidly. Military state, here we come.

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Kimberly said...

I think the 4 lb gain had more to do with the time of the day and the food in you already than anything else.

I'm really sorry to hear about your problems with the drug testing. It sounds like an awful experience but you're right - you'll be better off without a company that treats people like that.