My husband came home and told me that his company trip for 2007 is a cruise! It is in February - think I could lose 100 lbs by then..? Ha, just playing.

But, I never go to his Christmas parties or meet his co-workers for the fear of them saying something about my weight. My husband is on the thinner side - but he is pretty average. But, he really likes this company and the peeps he works with... so he wants me to go with him. I would love to go... I am just afraid of having to wear a bathing suit in front of them. It is one thing to wear regular clothing... but a bathing suit!?!

Oh well, one thing I am going to do is lose some weight before hand. This may be the push that I have been asking for.

So, I have roughly 15 weeks until this cruise... I am thinking a goal of 30 pounds is doable. That is 2 lb a week.

I have been doing pretty good the past three days. Been watching my sugar like a hawk - I am actually excited about weighing in on Friday!


CactusFreek said...

I bet you'll get to that cruise and find that everyone else has "real" bodies as well! :o)