Me & Golds 1 Month Anni.

Well today is the mark of my 1 month gym workout anniversary.

After working out today, I put on a pair of my jeans straight from the dryer - that are usually pretty tight. You could see the indention's of the contents of my pockets like you had x-ray vision - but today they were a lot less tight... not baggy... but not as tight. Then I realized that I have lost 11 lbs... that is the most I have lost in the past 3 years of my endless weight loss attempts. Not much but a lot for me and my PCOS. It really excites me and motivates me. Tomorrow I go grocery shopping for fresh veggies and fruit -- If I focus on my diet as strictly as I have been my workouts I know I will see a larger drop... plus feel better.

I hope I see some type of loss either weight or inches Friday.