Sugar, just beat it!

Wednesday I started my hour workout routine. I didn't quite make it to one hour but I was 20 mins from it. It really worked my butt out though... I was so sore on Thursday that I didn't go to the gym. But I did yesterday.

Yesterday my workout consisted of:
- 15 on the treadmill (185 calories)
- 15 on the stairmaster (206 calories)
- 15 on the stationary bike (85 calories)
- 15 on the elliptical (200 calories)

So, my workout burned 676 calories. That is 2.3 Little Debbie Brownies, 6.4 8 oz Coke's, 4.5 Twinkies or 1.82 Taco Bell Bean Burritos.

Gosh, just think it only takes you 5 minutes to eat 4.5 twinkies - but 60 minutes to burn them off! It really proves to me that our bodies were meant to maximize what we eat. But, then again I have a slow metabolism so others could have a different story.

Today I have eaten a bowl of All Bran with a cut up banana, then a Veggie Burger with veggie salad and a Coke Zero. I was doing great then after lunch I went and had half of my daughter's little debbie brownie (145 calories), and three (I hate to admit it but yes) three twinkies.(450 calories) So that one tiny(well, no BIG) mess up costs me 595 calories.. almost my entire workout. But ya know what really pisses me off? Is that when one morsel of sugar hits my lips I go into "Can't Stop" mode! I forget about what I am trying to accomplish, how hard the stairmaster kicks my butt, and how much I LOATHE being fat. Sugar is my biggest enemy ... next to myself.


Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean! That is the way I am too. My husband works in the evenings so I have no one there to stop me either!

Anonymous said...

How do you burn so many calories?! I must be doing the wussy version. Any suggestions?