Alrighty! I am down to 275.2! That is pretty exciting! Seeing that type of weight loss really motivates me to keep kicking it! So far this week I have done my hour long cardio workout 3 times. I am gonna try to go tonight -- starting to feel sick - so we will see. I have been watching my calorie intake and carb intake. I have been hovering around 1600 calories a day and 100 carbs a day.

Working out has helped suppress my appetite. I burn roughly 200 calories on the StairMaster in 15 minutes... and boy do I get pissed off at it -- it kicks my ass HARD. While I am on it I think to myself "You know that damn Hershey bar isn't worth this torture!!!!" So it hasn't been hard for me lately to stay away from the bad stuff... but I know Christmas will be a different story... might have to work out 5 times that week.