Wk Weight Loss: 1 LB - 97 To Go

Well, another one down. I am sure I am not going to see a loss this Friday just because I have been sick with a cold and haven't be able to go workout. On top of feeling bad from my cold - I feel horrible for not working out... it really does make me feel better.

Thanks BG for the comments on the cereal. I think you are completely correct - I cut out the cereal and I found that 1) I was less hungry and 2) I didn't crave sugar as much throughout the day. So, I have came to the conclusion that I need to eat something with a significant amount of protein in it for breakfast. But, I don't care for eggs, sausage or bacon... so does anyone have any ideas? I'm sure I am overlooking something that would work. I do love Atkins Carb-Free Shakes - but they are pricey!

I have been thinking about joining the Biggest Loser Club Online. I wouldn't mind some structured help with my diet... but I dunno if I want to pay $20 a month for it...

Well, that is about it -- I will be back hopefully this weekend. Good week to all!


Anonymous said...

Way to go on the 1 pound!! Let me know what kind of ideas you get for breakfast!

BG said...

You know, for cereal lovers (and I'm one of them) it is really hard to find an acceptable alternative, isn't it? And for me, if I have it I want more.

Have you thought about having lunch for breakfast? That kind of thing? You could have soups, or salad, or something like that to incorporate some protein. Sometimes I have to think beyond breakfast to put a little "spice" in things so I don't get to bored.