-0 LB, 87 To Go

Well, no change this week. I did really well this week except for the cake fiasco. But, I did start my period this week - I have been having it every 2 weeks so hopefully my meds will kick in soon!

So, I get discouraged because I have been hovering at 260 for 3 months now - but if I keep on kicking it the weight has got to fall off sometime soon right?

I feel like my body is changing - but the scale and measuring tape say otherwise. My husband even said that for the first time in a long time he is starting to see my waist. My waist to hips ratio is rather scary - I look like a box!

Well, no matter how long it takes my body to decide to let it go - I'm not gonna give up - this is all I have towards a happier and healthier me.


Deb said...

I bet with diligence this weekend and over the next week you will see a loss. Good luck and keep on going!