- 3 LB, 84 To Go

Well, finally I am getting back to the lowest point I have been!

This time I want to never go back to the 60's. So, I'm gonna have to focus on breaking through the 50's. I am not surprised that 260ish has been a plateau for me. That is how much I weighed before I had my second child - so I think it is a comfortable spot for my body.

I have lowered my daily points value by 5 points to get through this plateau. So, I think it is working.

I'm still trucking it at the gym. This week I have made it Monday and Thursday so I am gonna have to make myself go tomorrow to get at least 3x in.

As a family we have decided that we are ready for a dog. Been looking - going tomorrow... I hope that having a dog might egg me on to be a little more active with my kids - the only exercise I get is at the gym... it would be nice to have mandatory walks together.

Well, if I can just break through these last 4 pounds I will have made my first goal!


Abba said...

Wow! Great job Abi! You are doing so awesome! Keep it up. I am rooting for you!