-1 LB, 88 To Go

Well, I didn't do half of what I said I would do while on vacation. I didn't exercise at all, and by the time Thursday night rolled around I was eating 4-5 pieces of cookie cake and washing it down with some Coke.

But, by Saturday morning I was so ready to get back to my normal eating habits - I felt bloated and nauseous. Needless to say, it hasn't been hard at all to move back to where I was, I actually wanted to!

So, I didn't accomplish my goals of sticking to eating healthy or exercising while on vacation but one thing I have learned is that the changes I have made are starting to become my lifestyle and that is the larger accomplishment that matters the most.


Abba said...

You are absolutely right! Great job on recognizing the changes. Keep after it! I am rooting for you!