- 1 LB, 89 To Go

Well, slowly but surely...

I have found a new lunch that is pretty tasty. I get a whole wheat tortilla and spread some Naturally More Peanut Butter on it and layer it with a sliced banana. It is really fulfilling - plus the peanut butter has flax seed in it which is good for you.

Next week I go on vacation to the mountains. My food choices are going to be a challenge. The rest of my family has quit trying to lose weight - so the healthy food choices won't be so abundant. So, I am going to have to think ahead and prepare meals just for myself. It is a lot harder to change alone - but I don't want this to be yet another failed attempt. For exercise I plan on hiking trails and doing lunges, sit ups, push ups - stuff like that everyday.

I hope everyone has a great week - and if you live in the States a great holiday! Be back on the 8th!


Spunk said...

That sounds so yummy! Thanks for the tip.

Abba said...

Hope you are having a wonderful time! Can't wait for you to come back!