-1 LB, 90 To Go

Well, I guess that is some good news huh?

I have been working out religiously and trying to eat healthier choices. I have loved how in control working out makes me feel, and I tried out a kickboxing class and really enjoyed it! I looked like a fool - but I just laughed at myself and kept going, at least I am trying! The kickboxing instructor had so much energy and was so excited, now granted I know she isn't like that all the time - but I NEVER feel like that and I crave it. My husband always tells me that if you want to be better you gotta hang out with people who challenge you. Getting physically fit is a huge challenge - but one I want dearly.

My trainer has been showing me how simple moves can really work your muscles. I dunno I guess it kinda hit me that you don't have to be a genius to get fit you just have to move and keep moving.

My trainer was talking to me about nutrition. She asked me what I had problems with in my diet and I told her that I eat too much processed food that I have around for the kids and not enough whole grains, veggies etc. She said, "...you can't have Oreo's in the house - they do nothing for your body whatsoever..." I dunno why it has taken so long but a bell went off in my head. If I want to have a good looking body that responds then I gotta spend the extra money on the premium gasoline. I mean seriously how many hot models do you see with Oreo's, Little Debbies, and Cokes in their fridges? You can't have beautiful skin, radiant hair, polished nails feeding your body corn syrup and preservatives.

Now, there are some women who can eat junk and still look hot. I know a few - but they all have acne, run tired and out of breath easily. If I could be thin and hot without effort but feel the same as I do now, would I want that over working hard but resulting with a beautiful body, mind, spirit?

I think for the first time in my life I don't want to take the easy route. I'm changing slowly but surely...