Possibly A New Chapter

OK, as everyone knows I have been doing horribly lately. But I got off my rear and called a local personal trainer and had my first session yesterday. I ended up fainting - so we all know I was actually doing some progress - just maybe a little too much at once! :)

But, after hitting my first plateau I found myself slowly creeping back towards my old habits. I am serious about change so I did what I have been really terrified to do - experience a REAL workout - with the discomfort included. I am so lazy...I want to workout but not be inconvenienced. I have been working out since December and I have loved it. But, my workouts were all cardio and the worst that happened was I lost my breath and got really sweaty. Yesterday we didn't do one thing cardio - all resistance training.... You aren't moving fast but man it is hard! It kicks your butt hardcore! Simple push ups, sit ups, squats.... My muscles were shaking about 2 mins into it. But, I am learning what I have to do to get the results I want.

I go back this afternoon for another assessment - and even though I am really sore I am excited.


AAD said...

good for you, abi! i'm also trying out a personal trainer -- i want to make sure that while i'm losing weight, i'm also training my body to be able to handle anything i throw at it without getting injured. i've only had one session so far and i couldn't walk the next day, but things have calmed down since then and i'm ready to start the cycle all over again. i hope you continue to enjoy it because it will only do you good!

Abba said...

Wow! Good for you. I have been wondering about a personal trainer. Too scared though.