Fabulous Prom Dress

I didn't lose anything this past week. It is prolly due to how horrible I ate... and in combination with it being that time for me. So maybe I did lose a pound and I will see it in my loss next week?!

I started Phase 2 of my diet today. I had a piece of cheese toast with a cup of fruit for breakfast. I am very satisfied. I really screwed up on Phase 1 of the diet - So many times I would try to eat eggs and just gag... I don't really care for them. I was going to push myself to do Phase 1 this week (to make up for how bad I did this last week)- but I just don't think it is a good idea. If I keep screwing up I am afraid that I will get really discouraged and give up. So, I am on Phase 2.

I am going to start my running again this week. I haven't ran in the past two weeks, so who knows, how that is going to go over with my body! I found these past two weeks that I can't have a huge box of fudgesicles in the freezer... just because they are better than ice cream doesn't mean I can eat an entire box of them in a week! So, I have decided I am going to keep sugar free popsicles and jello available and splurge with fudgesicles and chocolate covered strawberries.
So this week, I am going to run T,Th, & SA. I am going to run at least a minute at a time to get my body back to where it was before I went on Phase 1. I knew I had quit running when I went to school to pick up my diploma and I was losing my breath walking up the stairs. I can't stand that! So road here I come!

I am going on a cruise in 19 days... my first one ever. My friend is coming with me and she is wearing my old prom dress from 9 years ago for formal night. She looked fabulous in it - but it made me feel down because I used to wear that same size 12 dress and look fabulous... but now I would be lucky to get it past my boobs. Instead I am wearing a size 22 dress, that is plain as hell, and it is good enough to get by in. Ahhh, I can't get upset - it does no good and on top of that my goal is to get back into that dress in time for our Hawaii trip in 2008. I think it can be done ... NO, I KNOW IT CAN BE DONE!!


iportion said...

I remember when my size I think it was 24 got to tight.
I also had a much smaller prom dress. I had dieted healthyly down at age 17.
Then it was a lot of yo-yoing. I am now at a size I feel good in. I know if I slack off even after I goaled I will gain the weight back and that's hard. I would so much want an egg right now though :-) but I am waiting for my husband to come home for dinner.

Kimberly said...

MMM... You don't like eggs?! :)

Thanks for the advice, I am doing a lot of research online.

A cruise? How fun! You'll have a good time, even in a size 22. It's smart to not get too upset about it, just keep thinking about how one day you'll fit into that 12 again and how good that will feel. Although you might want to be wearing less in HAWAII!