I totally screwed myself today. I have been so bitchy... but that is in relation to my PMS.

I ended up going to Chickfila and getting a biscuit this morning and a root beer - then I did good I had a salad for lunch -- then I snacked on some Oreo's, Doritos, Cheetos, and Granola bars until dinner - then I ate a bowl of Cheerios. When I do it - I do it good. I get really pissed off at myself for not giving a damn the moment I shove that crap in my mouth. But, I guess no one wants to hear the my verbal abuse to myself... and well frankly neither do I.

My Aunts and Mother are also dieting with me. They have been on the SBD and are doing Phase 1 also... but they haven't screwed up once! I have screwed up so many times it is unbelieveable! Are they stronger than me? Are they going to make it, and I am not? Why don't I have enough will power as them?

It is pretty damn depressing... Do people who do make it to their goals experience these same stumbles?
My "All or Nothing" attitude has got to go.


Kimberly said...

Hi there!

I'm glad you know that "All or nothing" is a bad attitude to have toward weight loss. This is hard work, and sometimes we all mess up a bit.

And your aunts and mother are just different people. We all work differently. Maybe they'll have a hard time in the next phase and you'll be the superstar of it.

Good job on the salad though. I need to force myself to eat some veggies already!

Abi said...

Thank you - Thank you! I started Phase 2 today, so we will see....