Praying Hard.

Umk, measured myself and I wasn't so disappointed.

My new stats are:

Weight: 280 <5lbs>
Bust: 52" <1">
Waist: 48" --
Hips: 55" <1">

So in 7 days I lost 5 pounds... Of those 7 days only 4 were sugar free. So if I can stick to more sugar free days this week I will have lost more. I want to reach my goal of 275 by next week sometime. Ah, ultimately I want to be in the 60's before I leave for vacation. I'm gonna do what my mom suggested - pray and expect it. You know, this is my health blog - not my religious one, but I can't deny how far God has brought me in this journey. I just pray that I will lose this weight and be fit... or more importantly that I don't screw this up like I have the past million times... or maybe I should just expect it.