I wanna run, run so far...

Ah, I haven't been on my meds in about two weeks due to lack of insurance and the scales claim that I have added on 2 lbs. Not to mention, my period started and will not stop... today is my 11th day... ah, I guess you don't realize how much medicine does help until it is gone. My husband reminded me that if I work hard, and get this weight off I won't need that medicine anymore. What a blessing that would be! So, I turned in my towel and ordered my meds... I am just going to have to fork out the money and deal with it!

I have been feeling a little bummed lately. My hormones could have something to do with it... You know, I always get discouraged easily with my weight - it is like I am looking to fail... I guess I am looking for the easy way out. Well, not this time. Thank God for weight loss blogs. When I'm feeling like a failure, I just pop in a read others journal's and shortly later I feel motivated again. Others have accomplished it - you can too!

Well, I was supposed to get out of bed this morning and run... did I? Nope. So I gotta get in the bed so I can get up and go at it in the morning. I feel really lazy and don't want to - but I remind myself of how great it makes me feel to run. You know, I had a dream the other night that I was running, and it was quite easy - and I didn't want to stop! It felt so great! I want that in reality. Instead of eating when I am happy, sad, or anxious I want to run.
I know I can do this. I know I am strong enough. I have always considered myself strong. I have been dealt my crap and I have gotten through it all... this I can too get through.


Kimberly said...

I admire your perseverance.

And I'm glad you ordered your meds. Some things are worth the extra money, and your health is definitely one of them.

Abi said...

Thanks - the older I get the more I realize how important my health really is... geez do I sound like a geezer! ;)