-3 LB, 80 To Go???

I am really nervous to post my weight for this week.

The scale says I am at 255... but I can't believe it to be right..

I haven't done too well this past week... I mean I had Hibachi one night... which included tons of rice! I had somewhere around 3 pieces of my son's graduation cake.. (I ended up having to throw nearly the entire cake away because I couldn't keep myself from pigging out over it)

I honestly can't believe this loss to be real. Secondly, I don't want to get excited about reaching my first goal then next week find that it was just some kind of fluke.

I weighed myself like 5 times in a row... but I think I am going to wait out this week - if I am still at 255 or below next Friday then I will reward myself for the loss and add it into my weight loss chart... if not then it will be just a fluke...

I really don't understand the human body.


Abba said...

Abi- Thanks so much for your encouragement. It really means a lot to me. Congrats on your loss. You are doing awesome!

AAD said...

hey abi,

congratulations on your loss! enjoy it! i don't understand the human body when it comes to weight loss either. i am beginning to think that there is a lag time effect regarding what we eat -- like, the metabolism doesn't get freaked out about that cup of sugar or extra twenty grams of fat you ate until the next week! i've had weeks were i ate 'perfectly' and not lost anything, and weeks where i had one or two or even three meals that weren't as healthy as my usual fare, and lost three to five pounds. so i guess what i'm trying to say is that it's the cumulative effect that counts, and cumulatively, you're doing fantastic. keep it up. ;)

( . )( . ) said...

Well believe it girl!! 255 is great, congratulations!! Keep up the good work. Although it may seem like you cant comprehend why you lost, just mark it down and keep on making healthy choices!!

Its on to your next mini goal!!

Well done! xx