Did you write that down?

I have been using the Weight Watcher Journal to record what I eat every day. I recently finished the journal and couldn't get a new one because I refuse to pay $12 a week to buy a $10 journal. Sorry, but I think $12 a week is really steep of a price for stepping on a scale.

So, anyways I started browsing online to find a journal. I received the one I ordered and I absolutely love it!

It is small enough to go with me everywhere - it has everything listed that anyone dieting would want to track - and it even has spot for before and after photos! So, I thought I would recommend it to anyone looking for one.

DietMinder Personal Food and Fitness Journal


Christine said...

Hi! I did belong to WW for a while as well, but wow - the costs sure do add up quickly don't they? So glad to hear that you are doing good on your own. I really do find that bloggerland helps me out...and keeps me going.

Deb said...

Cool journal! Thanks for sharing!

Abba said...

Well, you could always join online. Have you tried to do that?

Abi said...

I thought about the online WW. I am gonna give it a try with my journal and consider joining. I do like having access to new recipes.