-1 LB, 87 To Go

I just got back from the gym... doing my good ole hour and half workout. I always feel on top of the world after I workout - I faintly see the light at the end of the tunnel!

There was this girl working out next to me, she was very fit and pretty. I have never seen someone get hit on as much as her! Young guys, old guys you name it!

Anyways, my success on Weight Watchers has given my dad some motivation to try it. He has already lost 20 lbs! He wants to lose about the same amount as I do - so maybe we can do it together.

Today has been a wonderful day for my diet. I wish all days were like this! I have eaten good wholesome foods within my point range and I haven't been crazy for any type of junk food that is in my pantry. My husband has Double Stuffed Oreos, chocolate chip cookies, the kids have pretzels and nacho chips... all things I could go crazy on! But today the Lord has blessed me with ability to say NO!

Well I am rambling -- I hope everyone has great results this week, and a good, HEALTHY weekend!


Angie said...

I have PCOS, too. Or rather, that's what my PCP diagnosed it as and then referred me to an endocrinologist who insisted that it's no longer called PCOS but is Metabolic X or Metabolic Syndrome. WHATEVER!! I tried South Beach for awhile, WW for awhile, everything else for awhile - I'm sure you know the drill. I'm very discouraged. Congrats on getting a handle on your weight loss. You're now one of my heroes! Best wishes for continued success...

Abi said...

Man PCOS sure does discourage any woman! I haven't been to see a endocrinologist yet but hopefully I will soon. If I am not on Metformin/Glucophage I can forget losing weight at all! I missed my medication for about 3 weeks and I ended up gaining about 7 lbs! As soon as I got back on it I have lost about a 1lb a week. It is hard - and it sucks seeing people just cutting back on what they eat lose weight so easily. I will be praying for you Angie - I know how discouraged and heartbroken you can be thinking about how this disease seems to run your life! Please KIT!