Carl, Look Alive!

Well, after much convincing I got myself out of bed and did my run. I was pretty lazy this morning, didn't push myself much at all. I jogged in one minute intervals, three times. I have noticed some changes - I don't huff n puff walking up the street. I used to have to stop to catch my breath - now I just get a little winded and it passes quickly. So if nothing else, I am getting in better shape even though my stats haven't changed that much... and that is nice. It is so embarrassing to go somewhere and people see you having to stop and catch your breath. Anyways, last night I was reading some inspiring blogs from other women who are fighting the bulge. That is the entire reason why I am doing this - to be an inspiration to anyone out there who feels hopeless. I know it can be done - you just have to find the shirt that fits. Those blogs really help me remember that I can do it - and I'm on the right track. So after reading last night, I think I am going to give myself 3 month goals until I reach my target weight. I need to start tweaking my diet and in three months I should start to see some results - plus feel better. I can't wait to feel better! I can't wait to have more energy, and to look and feel alive!