Gym Madness.

Well, I didn't have a weight loss last week -- but at least it wasn't a gain. All I have been doing lately is going to the gym... and I am loving it! I am a SAHM right now, and going to the gym with my friend is such an escape for me... plus I feel much more energetic because I feel like I am working towards my weight loss goals... not just sitting around wishing they would come true.

For the past week I have just been getting used to the gym and all of the machines. I have been doing the elliptical machine from 15 to 25 mins at a time - then I go and do the arm and leg machines for about 30 mins. I am going to have to bump up my cardio time. The personal trainer told me that if I want to avoid diabetes I have to focus on weight loss via cardio. She told me strength training is important but it won't be as important until I drop some of my weight. I really love the cardio machines at the gym. They tell you based on your weight and age what your target heart rate should be to burn calories... so that settles my heart some because I know I am working out hard enough but not too hard to hurt myself. My new plan is to do the treadmill for 15 mins, then the stairmaster or stationary bike for 15, then the track for 15 and then the elliptical for 15. I figured this way would help me not become so bored and secondly it would help me not dread any one given machine... cause you know being on one machine for 60 minutes just seems like torture to me... but then again maybe I am just a little spastic.

Well, I gotta go get my baby from school -- then I am going the gym again tonight!


Lane said...

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