- 3 LB, 84 To Go

Well, finally I am getting back to the lowest point I have been!

This time I want to never go back to the 60's. So, I'm gonna have to focus on breaking through the 50's. I am not surprised that 260ish has been a plateau for me. That is how much I weighed before I had my second child - so I think it is a comfortable spot for my body.

I have lowered my daily points value by 5 points to get through this plateau. So, I think it is working.

I'm still trucking it at the gym. This week I have made it Monday and Thursday so I am gonna have to make myself go tomorrow to get at least 3x in.

As a family we have decided that we are ready for a dog. Been looking - going tomorrow... I hope that having a dog might egg me on to be a little more active with my kids - the only exercise I get is at the gym... it would be nice to have mandatory walks together.

Well, if I can just break through these last 4 pounds I will have made my first goal!


-0 LB, 87 To Go

Well, no change this week. I did really well this week except for the cake fiasco. But, I did start my period this week - I have been having it every 2 weeks so hopefully my meds will kick in soon!

So, I get discouraged because I have been hovering at 260 for 3 months now - but if I keep on kicking it the weight has got to fall off sometime soon right?

I feel like my body is changing - but the scale and measuring tape say otherwise. My husband even said that for the first time in a long time he is starting to see my waist. My waist to hips ratio is rather scary - I look like a box!

Well, no matter how long it takes my body to decide to let it go - I'm not gonna give up - this is all I have towards a happier and healthier me.


Ummm... Cake!

After having a great couple of days with handling my diet - I went and fudged it up today.

I had my healthy cereal this morning and jumped on the road with the kids - we had tons of errands. By the time I could think about eating I was at the grocery store... and I lost to the fattie in me and bought a small cake.

Ummmm... cake is such a weakness for me -- why would I even let myself buy one!?! So, we got home - I fed the kids and put them down for a nap - then I had a piece of cake - then later I had another piece for a "snack"... then another piece for dinner -- well you get the point - by the time I put the kids in the bed I looked at the cake and realized I had eaten half of it completely by myself!!!

AH - the HORROR!

The worst thing about it is that I did all of this eating almost unconsciously. It didn't even occur to me that I was 1) eating fattening cake and 2) a lot of it! Whenever I screw up badly my brain exits and my body goes nuts!

Well, my brain is back and in control - gonna go to the gym tomorrow and eat right - and get back on this buck-o!


-1 LB, 87 To Go

I just got back from the gym... doing my good ole hour and half workout. I always feel on top of the world after I workout - I faintly see the light at the end of the tunnel!

There was this girl working out next to me, she was very fit and pretty. I have never seen someone get hit on as much as her! Young guys, old guys you name it!

Anyways, my success on Weight Watchers has given my dad some motivation to try it. He has already lost 20 lbs! He wants to lose about the same amount as I do - so maybe we can do it together.

Today has been a wonderful day for my diet. I wish all days were like this! I have eaten good wholesome foods within my point range and I haven't been crazy for any type of junk food that is in my pantry. My husband has Double Stuffed Oreos, chocolate chip cookies, the kids have pretzels and nacho chips... all things I could go crazy on! But today the Lord has blessed me with ability to say NO!

Well I am rambling -- I hope everyone has great results this week, and a good, HEALTHY weekend!


-1 LB, 88 To Go

Well, I didn't do half of what I said I would do while on vacation. I didn't exercise at all, and by the time Thursday night rolled around I was eating 4-5 pieces of cookie cake and washing it down with some Coke.

But, by Saturday morning I was so ready to get back to my normal eating habits - I felt bloated and nauseous. Needless to say, it hasn't been hard at all to move back to where I was, I actually wanted to!

So, I didn't accomplish my goals of sticking to eating healthy or exercising while on vacation but one thing I have learned is that the changes I have made are starting to become my lifestyle and that is the larger accomplishment that matters the most.