Words of a Fat Woman.

Well, I got through my first week on Phase 1. Man has it sucked. I totally bombed the second and third days I was on the diet. I did get back on track and had 3 good days in a row. Not including that fact that I just recently had my birthday and had to pass up any and all cake/ice cream - talk about being ill... I have been as ill as a hornet! I just gotta keep reminding myself that I will be glad for all of the hard work I have done....

Sugar withdrawal has been the worst. You might as well slap me in a hospital bed. I am light headed, dizzy, have headaches, and I am mega bitchy. I can not wait to get to Phase 2. Then I won't feel like such a failure! Today, I slipped up and ate 1 biscuit my son didn't eat and then I had some vanilla wafers my daughter was eating... I have noticed that I always bomb around the kids... "Well, I can't just throw it away!". Words of a fat woman.

Ah, hopefully tomorrow morning when I weigh in I will post in a better mood.