+2, 85 To Go

Argh. I have been doing terribly lately. I haven't been tracking what I eat and I'm having a horrible time controlling my urges to overeat. Portion sizes, portion sizes!

Every time I have tried to change the way I eat after about 3 months I find myself sabotaging the success I have made. Why? I dunno... I get comfortable and start slipping back into my old ways. But I want this time to be different - I want to keep trucking through. I WANT TO CHANGE! I don't want to make excuses for myself - I don't want to be lazy!

I have so many cool things coming up this year to keep me motivated - but I quickly forget about them when I don't want to watch my portions. This year I am going to Seattle for the first time, the beach, and the mountains. I haven't been on vacation since 2004! In 2004 we traveled overseas and I was at 260, where I am now - and I had bruises on my hips from the plane ride because I had to stuff myself into the seat. It was so embarrassing when I couldn't put the tray down to eat my dinner because my stomach was too big. I don't want that to happen this year - I don't want to feel that way again.

I read success stories about people who just start changing how they eat and lose a ton of weight and never go back... yet I keep running around the same mountain -- do those people never run into obstacles?


Abba said...

I don't know about those people. I am not one of them. I run into obstacles every single day.

Seattle is so much fun. I went this year for work. If you get a chance, stop by the Pike's Fish Market and ask the boys behind the counter if you can catch a fish. It's an awesome experience. I did it! Also, try eating at McCormicks and Schmicks (sp?)in Bellevue. I had the best meal of my life there. I had the salmon stuffed with brie and shrimp. You will see it on the menu. The desserts are the size of a regular plate, so be careful of those. You will have a grand time in Seattle. It rains everyday, but not the rain we are used to. It's a light mist. You'll love it.