Here we go.

I'm a 20 something woman with PCOS. I found many other women logging their struggles and it has helped me out so much knowing that others are experiencing the same difficulties as I am. In return I wanted to do the same, so here I am. I basically am going to use this journal to log my personal struggle with changing my lifestyle. I am going to make myself be extremely curt and lay it all out - it should help me vent and motivate me to strive to make things better. When I say make things better I want to eliminate my fussy chin, large stomach, acne, mood swings, anxiety, fatigue, dark skin patches, male pattern baldness, and my low self esteem. I want to feel like a woman again! I know in order to start feeling better I have to lose the weight that my PCOS has helped me gain. Eight years, two children and PCOS have led me to gain 120 pounds. I know it is horrible!!! I can't complain about having children, many of my friends with PCOS cannot conceive - so I am thankful for them. But I have to get this weight off - to feel better and to keep myself here as long as I can for my family and mostly for myself. So here we go.