So why am I doing this?

I'm giving up my daily Root Beer... now why is that? Well, I wanna remind myself of why this is all gonna be worth it.

So once again here we go:
I want to... wear my old clothes, walk up stairs without losing my breath, have the energy to play with my kids, quit taking naps, look forward to shopping again, have energy to be social again, no more bruised hips from coach seating, be able to get up off the floor without help, not break anymore toilet seats, not have my family remind me constantly of how overweight I am, like how I look in pictures, wear my victoria secret underwear again, wear heels again, feel young, no more tight pants, no more women's clothes, no more "blah" clothes, grab some eyes again, make my husband proud, get my tummy tuck, wear a bathing suit and love it, show off my legs again, lose my fat fingers, lose my rolls, get rid of my self consciousness, be able to bend straight over, cross my legs, wear watches and necklaces again, not have my husband monitor everything that goes in my mouth, not feel uncomfortable in social situations, forget about what others think of how I look, not sweat all the time, lose the double chin, not be the fattest amongst my friends, hear my son tell me I am thin, hear my husband tell me I look hot again, not be a woman who gives up on her potential beauty, not be scared of having a heart attack, not be embarrassed by the scale at the doctor's office, quit taking all of my medicines, have family tell me "I can see you have lost a little weight" trying to make me feel better, be healthy, have control over my responses to my emotions, and my mouth, I want to run and feel great, I want to know that I am doing the best that I can do.

So how I am going to start this?

Well tomorrow morning I am going to get up at 6:30 and go out side and jog for 30 minutes. I am following Joe Henderson's "Jog, Run, Race" training schedule. But if I am really pooped I told myself my goal is to get up every morning and at least walk for 30 minutes. (I'm really out of shape so that will prolly happen) I would like to lose 8 pounds by July 9th. And I want to drink my 8 glasses of water a day.
So to recap it all:

  1. Get up every morning and workout for 30 mins
  2. Drink 8 glasses of water a day
  3. Lose 8 pounds in 1 month.
I don't think that is so bad.. I don't want to try to change too much at once. Well, I am off to bed and I will post my run results tomorrow. Gut Nache to all.