Sweaty Goodness.

Okay, got up this morning -- not at 6:30 but at 8:00 instead. I did get my tail outside to run though! I did my 3 one minute jogs within my workout. I'm still sweating even after a cold shower... but at least I know that I did something right. Now I just have to watch my carb intake. I felt really clumsy outside this morning. It is really hard to pick myself up and jog - I'm guessing it is because I am so heavy. Oh well, I can't let it stop me. I often wonder about those people you hear about who lose 100+ pounds... how did they feel when they first started? What kept them going? I dunno - but I sure pray that I have it in me! I was thinking about posting each day something that I want to remind myself of to keep myself on track.. today I want to think of how I want my jeans to be losoe. Loose jeans. loose jeans... loose jeans...