Horrible. Just Horrible.

Well today I didn't get up at 6:30 to do my rest activity. Instead I slept in until 8:30 and got up and took on the whole day without a nap. Yeah, I said nap. I have gotten into a horrible routine of napping while my kids are napping. So now along with some other things I am trying to break the habit. On top of not getting up on time I haven't eaten very well at all today. I was fine until lunchtime came around. I ate a sandwich, had a Mr. Pibb and 3 Oreo's. To top the day off I ate French toast for dinner. Very sad I know. But, tomorrow I will get up at 6:30 run my 3o minutes and try harder to stick to low carbin'. Gotta remind myself of all those things I can't stand... I'll be back tomorrow morning after my run.